About Us

How it all began...

We visited Australia in 2015 and  stumbled upon the mobile caravan bar idea through a good friend and could not get it out of our heads the whole trip. Coming home we were on the hunt for a vintage camper to turn our dreams into reality. We found a 1962 Forester in Camrose, AB and fell in love with it. With a lot of help from friends and family several months later the 1962 Forester was turned into The Old Fashioned Mobile Bar!

How did you get your business name? 

Two years ago, a friend of ours had a horse that needed a new home. She was a race horse who's racing career had come to an end. Her racing name was "A Toast To You" which we've shortened to "Toast" as we've come to know her. The thought of Toast going to a poor home was too much for us to bear. We weren't sure how she would fit in with the other horses on our farm, but we took a chance on her anyway and adopted her into our family. Since then she has been nothing short of a blessing to us. We named our business after her as a reminder to live life to the fullest, take a few chances, and always make time to celebrate life's special moments toasting the ones you love. 

Why The Old Fashioned Mobile Bar?

We named the bar the Old Fashioned due to our love for old-fashioned things. We love everything that is vintage from classic cars & trucks to vintage furniture & house décor. We have an appreciation for vintage products because they are usually made with care and are made to last the test of time. In saying that The Old Fashioned Mobile Bar strives to make drinks that create that same sense of quality while also help our guests build memories that last the test of time.  Not to mention the Old Fashioned is also the name the name of one of our favorite classic cocktails.

A little bit about the owners... 

Married August 30, 2014, Matthew & Melissa are a husband & wife team that own & operate The Old Fashioned. Matthew has been in business for several years working most recently in business analysis. Matthew has many previous years of experience in restaurant & bar management. He graduated from Grant McEwan with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Management and loves local food, planning events & entertaining people. Melissa is a Licensed Practical Nurse who spends her spare time riding horses, helping out on the family dairy farm and educating people about agriculture. Melissa loves serving people, and has an eye for creativity. 

Matthew & Melissa Schur Owners of The Old Fashioned