Speciality Cocktail Choices:

On the menu below we have compiled a list of popular cocktails by flavour profile. If you don't see your favourite cocktail, we can make just about anything! Just add it to your request.

Sweet, Fruity, or Floral

  • Berry Happy Together Mojito- Blueberry or blackberry, muddled with mint leaves, lime, white rum & simple syrup. Topped up with soda water. These rum inspired drinks are always great in the heat of the summer.

  • Something Blue-If you are into traditions this is a tasty way to bring luck into your special day by adding something blue to your bar menu. Vodka, blue curacao topped with lemonade & garnished with a half lemon wheel.

  • Sweet on You Vodka Lemonade- Fruity & fun! Vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur muddled with fresh strawberries, lemon juice, & simple syrup topped with club soda.

  • Lavender Vodka Soda- Simply refreshing. This cocktail combines vodka, soda and lavender simple syrup leaving a refreshing floral taste on your taste buds.

Semi -Sweet, Earthy or Citrus

  • Rosemary Greyhound- This one is for all you grapefruit lovers. Gin or Vodka, rosemary simple syrup & refreshing grapefruit juice. Not too sweet. Rosemary sprig garnish.

  • Blackberry Basil Gin & Tonic- Semi sweet, crisp, and earthy. Basil & blackberries muddled with gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Top with tonic water. Garnish with lemon curl or basil leaf.

  • Shaken Margarita- On the rocks, salted rim, silver tequila, triple sec, lime juice shaken & strained over ice. Lime wedge garnish. An old favourite on a hot day.

  • Whisky Sour - A combination of whisky, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg whites. Garnished with half lemon wheel. Predominantly lemon flavours with a hint of sweetness.


Spicy, Bold, Peppery

  • Penicillin - Lemon, ginger, honey with blended scotch whiskey, garnished with candied ginger. The bold taste of the ginger make this amazing cocktail stand out from the rest.

  • Dark & Stormy- A tasty blend of spicy housemade ginger syrup, lime juice & spiced dark rum garnished with a lime wedge garnish.

  • Moscow Mule- A delicious blend of spicy ginger syrup, vodka, lime juice topped with soda water and lime wedge garnish. This is what they mean when they say from Russia with love.( minus the copper cup)

  • Classic Caesar- True Canadian classic. Celery salted rim, clamato juice, worcestershire, tabasco with a pickled asparagus garnish.

The Classics

  • Old Fashioned- Our signature cocktail served at every wedding. Whisky, scotch or bourbon with 1 sugar cube and aromatic bitters. Garnished with an expressed orange curl & maraschino cherry.

  • Negroni- This cocktail dates back to the 1920's. London dry gin, campari, sweet rosso vermouth shaken, strained over ice. Garnished with orange peel.

  • Manhattan- The Old Fashioned's uptown cousin, Whisky or Bourbon with Sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters, these drinks are always fun at parties

An Early Vacation

  • Sex On The Beach-Vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice & cranberry juice, with an sweet orange wheel garnish.

  • Mai Tai- Appleton Estate Jamaican rum, Malibu coconut rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. Garnished with a freshly sliced orange wheel. The islands are calling!

A Little Bit Of Bubbly

  • Blushing Bride-Peach schnapps or liqueur with a touch of grenadine topped with bubbly prosecco. A deliciously sweet cocktail with a light pink hue. Requires champagne flutes.

  • Mimosa- These drinks will put some sparkle in your guests eyes! Choose classic orange juice and prosecco or get creative with mango or pineapple. Requires champagne flutes.

  • French 75- This delicious sparking cocktail is a mix of prosecco, gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Garnished with a lemon curl and blueberry. Requires champagne flutes

Non- Alcoholic 

  • Lemonade

  • Iced Tea

  • Mint Lime Spritzer- Muddled mint leaves, lime juice, simple syrup & sprite.

  • Shirley Temple- Grenadine, lime juice, chilled gingerale with Maraschino cherry garnish.

  • Arizona Sunset- Grenadine, orange juice, sprite with Maraschino cherry or orange slice garnish

Amazing! Not only is the concept fantastic, these guys make excellent drinks and are beyond friendly. Would highly highly highly recommend.
— Brittany E, August 14 2017